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Before you start work

I like to have a warmup to the day and I was pleased to receive the following link this morning: Spolsky I read Joel Spolksy’s articles from time to time and they are always entertaining.

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Recycling, now there’s an idea

I recently bought a USB keyboard which no longer worked when I returned from my holiday. I called PC World and explained that the equipment was faulty and asked if they had another one, as my journey would be over … Continue reading

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Still on my soapbox

Continuing the Ryanair rant, we were subjected to a very long check-in, a further 20 minutes waiting to pay for baggage and the biggest security queue I’ve ever seen. We only just made the flight (by pushing past people in … Continue reading

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When only snailmail will do

I have had to resort to traditional methods twice this week, once because a company would not accept an email (as it doesn’t contain a ‘real’ signature) and more frustratingly, to tackle Ryanair who do not acknowledge emails. The latter … Continue reading

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