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Terrier mentality pays off

Having wrestled on and off for days with X under Ubuntu to get a pair of monitors to work (using Xinerama) , I was dismayed to see the number of forum postings with the same issues as I had. Fortunately … Continue reading

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What about the others?

Apparently 37%,24%,16%,8% and 4% do the following with their old mobile handsets; Keep it, give it away, recycle it, trade it in and throw it away. The remaining 11% is classed as ‘other’ – set me thinking that has.

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Are you really sure?

Sometimes the onscreen ‘are you sure’ dialog boxes can be useful, other times downright annoying but here’s a new twist. I sparked up Dreamweaver which has a ‘start page’ at the bottom of which is a check box with the … Continue reading

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Tardis for sale

I had just finished a perl script to process a database of properties. I left some screen debug on for the first full run with about 3500 properties to process (each one taking about one second to fetch web data … Continue reading

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Another late train

Just prior to the train arrival an announcement declared the delay was due to ‘adverse weather conditions’. It was raining. We get rain in Autumn in England (especially in Cumbria). Perhaps someone should mention it to the rail companies?

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Vertical rain

Sometimes I feel desperate to get away from Cumbrian rain, which seldom seems to fall at an angle less than 33 degrees. Today it has swung between 30 and 90 degrees with high winds from the South. Not the kind … Continue reading

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The search goes on

The consultant neurologist informed me that I should have a brain scan (purely to be sure that all is ok) following the recent episode of ‘transient global amnesia’. On leaving the hospital Lydia said “I’m glad he recommended a brain … Continue reading

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