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Back to basics

Five years or so ago I used RTML (Radio Times Markup Language) which had the twin pillars of brilliance, namely that I could do my radio and TV markup for the week in advance whilst soaking in the bath and … Continue reading

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Hit man required for Voodoo Doll

Somebody has clearly been sticking pins in an effigy of me since August when I developed a permanent headache, bad ear infections (first one ear then the other), severe tinnitus, transient global amnesia and this week a slipped disc (which … Continue reading

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I see Ebay still only have the two categories for item condition – ‘new’ and ‘used’, but I wonder how long it will be before they catch up with the inventiveness of some of the magazines, wherein advertisers have progressed … Continue reading

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Italian time

Very funny, particularly with a half Sicilian wife to share it with. Thanks for the clip Dave. Italian Time

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Sky News – for those subtle moments

The announcer (shown in a smaller overlaid frame to the main backgroung footage) stated that American troops had moved into a troubled area of Afganistan in the hope of ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of the locals. Just as he … Continue reading

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