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Whistling in the wind

The suggestion by my good friend Vince to attach the USB stick to a keyring which you can whistle at and it replies sounds like a trickĀ  used in the 70’s forĀ  your car keys. I haven’t come across one … Continue reading

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Pendrive or Paindrive?

I have some very neat things on my pendrives (or USB sticks as I prefer to call them), but with capacities getter bigger by the second or so it seems, there are potential disasters awaiting us all. Not so long … Continue reading

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Software upgrade hell

I have a pretty well arranged home office network which includes, Ubuntu dual screen, Debian workstation, Debian server, Windows XP Pro (2), Windows Media Center, VMware for the hell of it and some older boxes with Windows 2000, NT4 and … Continue reading

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So brilliant I want to keep it all to myself

There was a TV advert a while back where a woman was hosting a dinner party and at the end her partner asked her to bring out the chocolates (which were her absolute favourites) and while she was clearing up … Continue reading

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Moving house is stressful. How about moving your blog?

Looks like I made it on pass 5 – the trick is I have to write it up before I forget any of the steps, so more later …

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Top notch support – unusual solution

A friend of mine recently purchased a new notebook pc from a well known PC retail chain. A week or two after, wanting to make a DVD recovery disc before upgrading to Windows Vasta [sic], my friend got a little … Continue reading

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Huge shift in support from Microsoft

The BBC may face legal action after reporting that a potential security hole in Micrososft’s flagship new ‘Vista’ Operating System could potentially allow remote users to issue VOIP (Voice Over IP) speech recognition for commands such as ‘copy’ and ‘delete’. … Continue reading

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