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Your having a laugh

You should be if you go to BBC Radio 4 – listen again and select “Count Arthur Strong”. Very funny to me at least.

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Functionality in a bottle

RememberTheMilk is a ‘beta beauty’. Get all your reminders via IM, email, SMS, Skype and so on. Very well crafted. A personal organiser at its neatest.

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Dear Bill, I would love to MSN chat but …

“We are working to fix a temporary problem with our sign-up service.” “Please try again.” Error code: 3

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Dave immortalised in hardware

DAVE (Digital Audio Video Experience) is a wireless technology allowing the user to store between 10 and 20GB of content on a credit card sized hard disk. Streaming useing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth up to 30 metres away is the claim. … Continue reading

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New reality TV “Coding on Ice” ™

In which programmers remove lines of code from well known pieces of software without it breaking. The public at large get to vote (naturally). As the contest hots up we see the insertion of new lines of code to provide … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend

Johann Johannsson’s “Ibm 1401, A User’s Manual” is one example of the sort of non-mainstream music juxtaposed with classical greats in the excellent “chill with chill” radio programme on Classic FM. The show runs from midnight until four am on … Continue reading

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Great first novel

“The Mayor of Lexington Avenue” by James Sheehan. Crime, legal thriller and courtroom theatrics all add to the mix. Set in New York and Florida. Order it now or call me and I’ll mail it to you.

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Master Foo once said to a visiting programmer: “There is more Unix-nature in one line of shell script than there is in ten thousand lines of C.” The programmer, who was very proud of his mastery of C, said: “How … Continue reading

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And then came the bad news

You’d have thought I’d known better. But I am your favourite beta boy and go where others fear to tread (ok a bit over the top but you get where I am coming from). I can’t resist the new software … Continue reading

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The answer to one of my prayers has come in the form of for Outlook. This is truly beauty in the making. Version 1 requires folder sharing software which can be obtained (free) from (a great piece of … Continue reading

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