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Ruby (finally) on Rails

With hindsight I should perhaps have avoided my first outing with Ruby on Rails on the Vista platform (unwitting pun but I’ll keep it). When it didn’t work I began to question whether it has been well tested on Vista. … Continue reading

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Another cycle

Lambing time comes round again and it is with very mixed feelings. We have the joy of seeing the lambs at play and the pain of knowing they lead such short lives. The Ewes seem to be more desperate each … Continue reading

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Micro$oft loves to wind us up

Reports are that Mikey are going to sell software in some parts of the world for as little as US$3 in a bid to double the number of PCs on the planet. What with the outrage at the (almost doubled) … Continue reading

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Wrong kind of snow?

I got right to the end of a train ticket booking before I received this: “Sorry, due to a technical issue we are currently unable to process your request. Please go back and try again….” I won’t embarrass the company … Continue reading

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New blog clock

The Beeb reports a new blog every second. Don’t set your watch by it though as the ‘blogosphere’ is apparently doubling every five months. The Internet is a digital tardis.

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Text message boss killed in crash

The BBC reports: “The former boss of a no-win no-fee compensation firm which told its 2,500 staff by text they would not be paid has been killed in a car crash.” My epitaph suggestion “CU L8R”.

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Home of the bra

I have been using infoRSS as a FireFox addon for a couple of weeks and it throws out some nice cropped headlines. ‘Home of the bra’ (brave), ‘Weblogs need content war’ (warnings) and ‘Protester disrupts slave’ (trade abolition speech). I … Continue reading

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Ultra rapid biscuit dunk

The new Co-op double chocolate chip cookies have amazing disolving properties. You can’t dunk them for more than approximatey 250 milliseconds othersie they collapse into goo. Getting them from the dunk postition into your mouth has to be very rapid … Continue reading

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Informative registration failure

Name masked to save the manufacturer’s embarrassment. Ex2System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() at ASP.registration_step1_aspx.Volgende_Click(Object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e) in E:\Sites\www.pc.******.com\registration\registration_step1.aspx:line 186

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Stop that medication

I just heard on the radio (BBC Radio 4 so it must be true) that Keith Richards has admitted to snorting the ashes of his dead father in a drugs binge. Someone please let me know that the prescription drugs … Continue reading

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