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How did I miss this?

I have read about but not previously visited netvibes. Go there now. You won’t regret it. Awsome… I think this marks the arrival of Web 3.0

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Pigs might fly!

This is a brilliant letter : Dear Secretary of State Thanks to Charles B.B. for passing it on.

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Spring clean

What with Vista on my notebook, debian etch on one server and ubuntu fiery fawn on another I feel like I’ve just completed the Spring cleaning. I never got to the bottom of the ubuntu sound bug in ‘edgy, eft’ … Continue reading

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Took me ages to remember what I’d had

Transient global amnesia is sudden, short-term memory loss.

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Space Station computer crash

The computer malfunction on the space station is proving to be a difficult problem to crack. “So far, engineers have not been able to pinpoint the specific cause of the computer malfunction, which shut down the rocket-steering system”  (BBC) The … Continue reading

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BT or not to BT

I’ve probably ranted in a similar fashion before but this week’s fiasco has brought out the worst in me when it comes to wanting to send a ‘turd in a box’ as an award for apalling service. A storm took … Continue reading

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