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Author of T

I recently bought a copy of Richard Dawkins’ excellent book “The God Delusion”. Glancing over Lydia asked me what it said on the front cover after ‘AUTHOR OF T’, the rest having been obscured by the large shop label. Rather … Continue reading

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I should have been at work

So there I am beavering away logged onto remote servers doing some important system updates. Bear in mind my phone line is very noisy but the ADSL is working at this time and the engineer is not due for another … Continue reading

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Blazing ADSL !

Just checked my ADSL speed after repeatedly informing my ISP that the rate keeps dropping. They said I have to wait until it drops below my ‘personal threshold’ of 1993kbps (2meg) for at least eight hours. I get 192kbps – … Continue reading

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A tale of two pities

A pity that I didn’t fully document all of the previously awkward parts of debian and ubuntu installations and configurations that have been necessary over the last year or so (I did have about 95% of the toughies). A pity … Continue reading

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Ruby Off Rails

If anyone can provide me with concrete evidence of having done anything much more than ‘hello world’ in Rails without major headaches (crashes, meaningless errors, ‘terminations’ with no explanation) I’d be willing to send a box of wine in his/her … Continue reading

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The new (online) ‘sickie’

MSN devoid of people online these days (at least in my contact list). Information overload? Interruption fatigue? Answers on a postcard please (at least I will be able to avoid the real time distractions).

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Are you sure you meant OK to confirm the acceptance?

I finally got round to installing ‘The complete Civilization III’. The global reach of the supermarket suckered me into buying it, right at the end of the cereals isle (I wouldn’t mind but I don’t eat cereals). Still it was … Continue reading

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