Monthly Archives: August 2007 – don’t be in such a hurry

Having cancelled a flight back in March of this year, I am still trying to get the meagre 20% of the cost refunded. (not the real name you understand) have ignored my emails, not returned calls which they promised … Continue reading

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Those wee hours

Whilst putting together a collection for my Missy Hong Kong (no mp3 police please) I was transported back twenty seven years to University in Norwich by John Martyn’s “Hurt in your heart” which is such a great recording (on ‘Grace … Continue reading

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SnailMail, e-mail, no mail

Having just reconfigured my email systems and settings (removing one server and one level of filtering) I can usefully use the excuse when folk claim they have emailed me and not received a reply. After all, if it is good … Continue reading

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A pain in the Howgills

After walking up nearby Winder and Arant Haw from the back of Sedbergh I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, as I have had little exercise this year (apart from walking to and from the pub in the village). Having … Continue reading

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Light Fandango

In an attempt to become ‘greener’ I began to switch more kit off in my (home) office at the end of the evening. Because I sleep so badly occasionally I have to get up in the middle of the night … Continue reading

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Nature’s beauty but not without the pain

We have had a few months of lambs playing in groups right outside the back door and finally they get separated from their mums. The three days or so of crying across the fields is heart wrenching. Today I walked … Continue reading

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What an example

Today I wrote an online page with the following: “No particular significance in the choice of names used in the examples … So Benny Hill it is then.” Ten minutes ago I picked up “The Independent Magazine” from June 30th … Continue reading

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