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Domain names – the new investment opportunity

I noticed by chance the domain up for auction the other day at $330,000 (not having met its reserve price). With 4 days remaining to the close of the auction it stands at $2.5 million ! Better get my … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Off

According to the Observer on Sunday the council-owned Southampton Crematorium will be the first to offer a ‘pay-per-view’ funeral. Great idea for those unfortunate not to be able to attend this once in a lifetime (sorry) event. The sting is … Continue reading

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Internet vanity

Having looked in the ‘web mirror’ by googling myself (I was surprised I hadn’t done it before given the number of years I’ve been surgically attached to the net) I was amused to find on the second page of results … Continue reading

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UK inflation rate and the land of the cuckoo

Since December 10th 2007 when I last ordered domestic oil the price has gone up by 30% and that is 290% in the last five years, so I am very comforted to know that the government figures show inflation is … Continue reading

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you !

It is rare for me to get involved with games these days but after a very busy week I got caught in this little pearl (as opposed to perl) billed as ‘Tetris meets Sudoku’. It is great fun which could … Continue reading

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More time to manage my time

As a keen recorder of work undertaken in timesheets (actual hours with start, end, breaks etc) and worksheets (what the time is allocated to) with records going back to 1995, I thought it might be worth looking at improving my … Continue reading

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Enough to drive me mad

Having reviewed my visible power consumption in Light Fandango I realised that the increased sound of spinning fans and drives is starting to concern me (not to speak of my tinnitus), so I made a quick count of active equipment: … Continue reading

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