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iSpy with iStockPhoto something beginning with …

So I mailed iStockphoto on May 26th telling them about the glut of emails they were sending me, each one informing me that I had a different number of days in which to use up my credits. I replied, in … Continue reading

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How to win or lose a fortune (which is it?)

I’d love to know the size of the google budget for the “How to Lose Belly Fat” ad which is a serious rash on the net (I won’t give them a free link here) but I’d like to know what … Continue reading

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Chink in the hero’s armour

Being a great fan of Eric Myer (he of CSS fame) I chanced upon some design tools for Dreamweaver which I thought would make a great purchase. I wasn’t massively impressed with the start of the order confirmation however (it … Continue reading

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Firewall fails to stop the flames (mine)

After a long (Sun)day spent mostly working I made the mistake of continuing to poke and prod at the keyboard, only at this point, from the comfort of my bed. I should have put the lid down at the first … Continue reading

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