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Perfect timing

My ekall travel phone account stipultates that a call must be made within a six month period otherwise credit will be suspended. Having just been to France I didn’t realise that the freephone access number for that country was not … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of code maintenance

This is an example of super coding worthy of study. (The image, courtesy of TechRadar, is clickable)

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Cern Large Hadron Collider ready to go (but I’m not quite)

Now I know they have lots and lots of planet sized brains working on it, but after 20 years and 5 billion dollars will it spark up without side-effects? On a tiny human scale, having taken about 18 months to … Continue reading

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Headache on the way to heaven

I’ve been reading (but not quite finished so I can’t give the ending away) ‘Dead Lines’ by Greg Bear, which is both horror and sci-fi. The techie bit is the ‘trans’ phone which utilises molecular technology but has unexpected side-effects. … Continue reading

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linux meets Ikea

A linux cluster in an Ikea Helmer cabinet (thanks Rob).

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Google – we have lift off

(Despite the ‘chrome’ name) downloaded just after 8pm and my initial findings are all positive. I am impressed.

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3-2-1 another google (leaked) take off

With the rather unimaginative name of ‘chrome’ for the new kid on the block of browsers, this time from google, it will be interesting to see who from my extensive contact list will manage to download it first? I am … Continue reading

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