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Voodoo Week

The number of things that have gone wrong across a range of machines this week is unbelieveable. To top it all, having had to uninstall, reinstall, download, patch and hack almost every day, I thought I’d seen the end of … Continue reading

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Microsoft take the mickey again

I have a Vista system with VMware Server installed, one of the virtual machines being my Windows Server 2003 staging server. The staging server ran out of disk space in the middle of a large database update and the VM … Continue reading

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The Victorian Internet

A great book about the invention of the telegraph by Tom Standage. My local bookshop has a few more copies, hardback at £4.99, which is cheaper than Amazon! Well done Westwood Books.

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Raining cats, dogs and errors

Tut-tut, Purina One: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e14’ [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint ‘FK_tblPurinaONESample_tblBannerCampaign’. The conflict occurred in database ‘PURINAONECOUK’, table ‘tblBannerCampaign’, column ‘intBannerCampaignID’. /uk/cat/sampling/thanks.asp, line 18

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Museum of errors

Another one for the error collection: error(913:not allowed while invisible)

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Mind your language

Can I have that in English please? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM or ‘(‘

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