A tale of two pities

A pity that I didn’t fully document all of the previously awkward parts of debian and ubuntu installations and configurations that have been necessary over the last year or so (I did have about 95% of the toughies).
A pity that my backups didn’t take into account backups of my backups (backup histories).
However, I have managed to recover my main debian box after X crashed and was unrecoverable (even after removing and reinstalling the xserver and related packages).
So what lessons have been learned?
1) no matter how good you think you are at documentation you will always be lacking in some areas
Always document the items which take time to research or items easily forgtten through infrequent use.
2) just when you think you have a perfect backup strategy for multiple machines you’ll get bitten or burned
When a machine is used for other backups, make sure the whole machine is imaged or backed up before reinstalling.
3) rebuilding a machine will always take longer than you think
Allow one day at least to rebuild a machine to its previous level of software and data, especially if it is a linux box with GUI bells and whistles

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  1. lee says:

    Oh and thanks to Keith for a couple of neat tricks from his virtual book of linux magic, in particular, how to get round the installation having compled without asking for a default user login.

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