About Lee Crampton

Lee Crampton is a freelance software developer, specialising in resolutely remaining at his virtual desk rather than venturing out into the big bad world (though he has made it to Devon and Sussex all the way from Cumbria on his own recently).

His hobbies are sufficiently numerous to cause a stack overflow and his ambitions all remain tantalisingly out of reach, but he steadfastly ploughs his way through the days in his office, earning a crust and occasionally daydreaming about his ‘previous life’ as a musician (harmonies still work out ok). As a private pilot Lee takes a biannual trip to the USA for the purposes of maintaining his licence and to enjoy some of the more positive aspects of American culture.

Lee has programmed in many languages from the early days of Sinclair products (ZX80/81) and the BBC Micro, but he still derives a great deal of pleasure extolling the virtues of whitespace, absolutely necessary for code layout and believe it or not, a language in its own right.

Most of the time music is playing in Lee’s world both because of the pure love of it, but as also for the bonus distraction and therapy for a long standing problem with tinnitus.

Lee’s virtual life is located at N54 24′ 55.6″ W002 25′ 20.2″

You can find his other mutterings at 2legs2wheels.

Email: lee [the standard at symbol] artlegarth [dot] co [dot] uk

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