Are you sure you meant OK to confirm the acceptance?

I finally got round to installing ‘The complete Civilization III’. The global reach of the supermarket suckered me into buying it, right at the end of the cereals isle (I wouldn’t mind but I don’t eat cereals). Still it was only £5.99.
What did I find after inserting the CD into the drive?

1) left hand menu option to ‘install game’
2) new page, bottom menu option to ‘install game’
3) would I like to read the ‘readme’? Not on your life but I still need to press a button
4) do I accept the licence terms. Ok but that’s a radio button select and a ‘next’ button (click count now 5)
5) to proceed I had to OK my acceptance to close the setup menu “now!”
6) (CD finally spinning in setup preparation)

Blue Screen Of Death 🙁

Ok so I have a device driver issue.

The previous time when I managed to get further into the installation I was asked again (yes that’s a second time) to confirm that I accepted the terms (pages worth presented in one of those very annoying small scrollable text boxes).
When I did accept I got a dialog box popup to ask me to confirm that I really did accept the terms of the licence.

I hope the game is worth it when I cure the crash…

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