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More podcasts from the man and the desk

Now I am back in the saddle with regular contributions to CNIRadio you can catch up with my ramblings at One Man & His Desk – The Podcast In the latest recording you can find out about the Gyroscopic Self … Continue reading

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The LUG Slug

Is there any wonder people are put off by switching to linux (rhetorical question). How can I convince people to take a tour of the linux world when the Linux User Group (at least for the North West) is so … Continue reading

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Masterful thinking – so full of surprises

Seldom do I ask people to watch/listen to things on the internet (knowing that I don’t want too many reciprocal demands) but I can’t help myself here. This is my favourite TED presentation to date: (thanks to Keith Edmunds … Continue reading

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Moody – My latest 8tracks

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Top of google – Data recovery done best – Not!

Hard Drive Data Recovery – No Data No fee. 15yrs exp. ISO 9001 Student/Non-Company Discounts. And here’s the link result: Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a0005’ Invalid procedure call or argument: ‘left’ /keyword_capture.asp, line 11

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Orange turns blue (well my language nearly did)

Beginning with yet another mobile phone mast outage (the price you pay for rural living) I was surprised to discover I had no signal when I went to town. A quick visit to the Orange shop led the ‘specialist’ to … Continue reading

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Google arithmetic not quite up to scratch

My gmail inbox has this at the top right: 1 – 21 of 20

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Bored to tears

I have a ‘homecare’ policy that covers emergencies such as electrical failure, heating breakdown etc and having discovered that my water system was no longer covered I decided to cancel the policy. I explained the “customer care representative” that in … Continue reading

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Orange (the future may not be so bright)

In the latest personalised email to me (Lee) from Orange, it starts: Dear Gary,

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Procreation checklist

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