Back to basics

Five years or so ago I used RTML (Radio Times Markup Language) which had the twin pillars of brilliance, namely that I could do my radio and TV markup for the week in advance whilst soaking in the bath and the data (the magazine) was only about 87 pence per week. It also came with interesting articles and other paraphenalia to boot.
I discovered a great piece of software called Digiguide which was only about the same price as the magazine for one year but had the hugely useful advantages of setting reminders, searches and so on. I used it for a couple of years but was disillusioned (not least because of the dangers of a pc and Monitor propped up by the side of the bath) but then PDAs became widely available but no software for the TV guide was. I had a wireless PDA and wanted to be able to see what was on TV whist performing my ablusions.
Radio Times soon cottoned on and produced a PDA version which worked nicely but was missing a search facility (and still is three years on).
Having kept a watching brief on Digiguide, lo and behold a PDA version finally appears. Problem solved?
Not on your life. I have spent over two hours trying to get the chuffing thing to sync with the PDA and I keep getting told to reinstall the software.
So it looks like RTML V2.0 is being drafted sometime soon on the back of a loo roll.

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