Batteries (and other items) not included

chinos-ad-warning.jpgWhen I was a small child my dad made the mistake of buying a Christmas present which required batteries (didn’t they all and wasn’t that where all the money really went before rechargables?). He didn’t spot the note on the box which stated that ‘batteries are not included’. My mum discovered the snag very late on Christmas Eve when wrapping the presents. Bearing in mind we didn’t have supermarkets and late night openings in those days, dad actually went round to the shop, rang the bell (luckily the owner lived above the shop) and pleaded with the nice man to open up so that he could buy some batteries; not wishing to disappoint one of his children on Christmas day.
A few years later they told me about the sudden panic and aversion of the disaster. Subsequently I have always looked at any boxed goods I buy to make sure that I have everything I need before leaving the shop.

Shopping online or mail order can be a problem occasionally but I think the advert in today’s Independent Magazine might just have gone a little too far with the precautionary note for the 100% Cotton Chino Suit for just £100.

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