Bored to tears

I have a ‘homecare’ policy that covers emergencies such as electrical failure, heating breakdown etc and having discovered that my water system was no longer covered I decided to cancel the policy. I explained the “customer care representative” that in our remote location, the bore hole and/or well with the appropriate electrical system to pump water to the house, had been removed from their cover and that each time I tried to talk to someone about it they had no idea what a bore hole or a well was (fair enough, they don’t live in the hills, but I would have expected them to have had something of an education).
The ‘rep’ asked me if there was any way to keep me as a customer, to which my response was “yes, reinstate the cover for my bore hole equipment”. He said that couldn’t be done as it wasn’t in the terms and conditions but he would give me a discounted add-on for just £1 per month to cover the first 7 metres of water pipe to the water main.
I politely pointed out that I lived one mile from the mains water system and that my instinct told me that he hadn’t understood a word I’d been saying.
It was perhaps a shame that the call centre wasn’t located in a developing country where they would have been right on the ball !

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