Brilliant tool (and I’m not on commission)

I receive an occasional newsletter posting from Joel Spolksy whose writings I have been aware of for a few years now. It is time to mention Joel again and his company Fog Creek Software. Joel writes brilliantly and with great humour. His book “Joel on Software” is a must read, no question about it.

Anyway this time I am making mention of Copilot 2 which I tried out for the first time the other evening. It is described as remote control “much like VNC or RDC, with the advantage that it requires zero configuration, works through firewalls, and installs nothing.”

It is a an illustration of magic. Spend 15 minutes or so with a friend or colleague to read about and try out the (free limited session) connection or even spend $5 for a whole 24 hours. You’ll be pleased to have it as a part of your toolkit for remote access, I guarantee it.

Take a look at Copilot

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