BT or not to BT

I’ve probably ranted in a similar fashion before but this week’s fiasco has brought out the worst in me when it comes to wanting to send a ‘turd in a box’ as an award for apalling service.
A storm took out my phone line overnight on Monday. The details of all the queued calls from my mobile to British Telecom do not need to be enumerated here, but suffice it to say a written complaint will be going via registered snail mail to them shortly (no point in emailing or calling – there’s a large black hole area especiallt created for those things).
So what we have is a major (some would say ‘the’ major) telecommunications company who make it near impossible to actually talk to a human on the phone. To add insult to injury (whilst racking up a hefty mobile bill as 0800 numbers are charged unless made from a landline) the menu/queueing/purgatory cycle informs you that you can get up to date information on faults via the website. Interesting notion…

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