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Book of the century

Simply the best prose you will read in the next couple of decades at least. Listen to the Guardian Podcast and then buy the book here. You will not regret it (or your money back).

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The Victorian Internet

A great book about the invention of the telegraph by Tom Standage. My local bookshop has a few more copies, hardback at £4.99, which is cheaper than Amazon! Well done Westwood Books.

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If nobody speaks of remarkable things

What an amazing piece of writing. Even more so for a first novel. The author Jon McGregor grew up in Norfolk (my first University) and lives in Nottingham (not so far from where I last lived), neither place or time … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of code maintenance

This is an example of super coding worthy of study. (The image, courtesy of TechRadar, is clickable)

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Headache on the way to heaven

I’ve been reading (but not quite finished so I can’t give the ending away) ‘Dead Lines’ by Greg Bear, which is both horror and sci-fi. The techie bit is the ‘trans’ phone which utilises molecular technology but has unexpected side-effects. … Continue reading

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Author of T

I recently bought a copy of Richard Dawkins’ excellent book “The God Delusion”. Glancing over Lydia asked me what it said on the front cover after ‘AUTHOR OF T’, the rest having been obscured by the large shop label. Rather … Continue reading

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Great first novel

“The Mayor of Lexington Avenue” by James Sheehan. Crime, legal thriller and courtroom theatrics all add to the mix. Set in New York and Florida. Order it now or call me and I’ll mail it to you.

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