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Bad Hassle

I see the latest all digital Hasslblad H3DII-50 camera has gone on sale. a mere snip at just under £26,000.  

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Secret nuclear bunker found – serious hardware

We visited a secret nuclear bunker in Cheshire on Saturday, only it wasn’t so secret as it had large signs all over the place directing us to it. One of the items is a communcations panel, the one actually used … Continue reading

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Dark side of the moon (I know I have been there)

Consider a voice transmission from the earliest space missions put through the following process: save onto magnetic tape playback via an early analogue phone line to someone on the other side of the world have that person translate it into … Continue reading

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Cern Large Hadron Collider ready to go (but I’m not quite)

Now I know they have lots and lots of planet sized brains working on it, but after 20 years and 5 billion dollars will it spark up without side-effects? On a tiny human scale, having taken about 18 months to … Continue reading

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linux meets Ikea

A linux cluster in an Ikea Helmer cabinet (thanks Rob).

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Zen and the art of cool coding

I just love this: The tagline for the Supercoder 2000 is: “Air cooled coding keyboard for professional use”

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Enough to drive me mad

Having reviewed my visible power consumption in Light Fandango I realised that the increased sound of spinning fans and drives is starting to concern me (not to speak of my tinnitus), so I made a quick count of active equipment: … Continue reading

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It’s all in the small print

For those in any way involved with systems (especially with reference to the keywords ‘sysadmin’ and ‘documentation’) and/or standards, this may not win any awards as a Koan but can you fail to be intrigued by the opening: “At 3:30 … Continue reading

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RTFM, phone a friend (and then go mad)

So the latest batch of power spikes took out my SmartView KVM (allows 4 computers to be controlled through one screen, mouse and keyboard). It is really essential to the way I work. The small LED panel was dead. I … Continue reading

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What is a UPS?

It is a question I often get asked when I say ‘most of my kit is protected by a UPS’ (actually several), since I live in the back of beyond and we have the usual rural electricity instability one comes … Continue reading

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