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Quality newspapers are not just for the intelligentsia

The wonderful Northern family owned Booths supermarkets (since 1847) have a number of great loyalty bonuses including free tea  and coffee (you don’t even need to buy anything!) and a free newspaper on Saturdays and Sundays if you spend more … Continue reading

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Hold your horses, the boy’s gone mad

My lifestyle and physical exercise are words that really shouldn’t exist in the same sentence, that is until now. There’s no denying the ageing process and there comes a time when you realise that there are certain things you’d like to do before … Continue reading

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If you are rushing to get an export of your delicious bookmarks via the API, beware the functionality for exporting all posts does not appear to be working at this time. I suspect it is a Yahoo! directive (i.e. they … Continue reading

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A sad farewell to Pax

Sadly this was taken just a few hours before Packington (Pax) had his last of many visits to the vet, when he was finally put to sleep in Lydia’s arms. On leaving the vet’s Lydia asked me to turn right … Continue reading

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England (cricket team) set new record

So we’re not crap at sport after all. I heard it on the BBC news – England have made history by setting a record. Do you know what it is yet? We are the first team to have fielded the … Continue reading

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That’s the ticket !

The full story is worth the click (thanks Lizzy & Dave for the clip)

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A day of mourning(ton crescent)

So farewell Humph. I never thought you’d leave this world and now of course I might never know the truth about Mornington Crescent. I had planned to see a recording of the show but had to do instead with ‘Just … Continue reading

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New blog clock

The Beeb reports a new blog every second. Don’t set your watch by it though as the ‘blogosphere’ is apparently doubling every five months. The Internet is a digital tardis.

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Text message boss killed in crash

The BBC reports: “The former boss of a no-win no-fee compensation firm which told its 2,500 staff by text they would not be paid has been killed in a car crash.” My epitaph suggestion “CU L8R”.

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Stop that medication

I just heard on the radio (BBC Radio 4 so it must be true) that Keith Richards has admitted to snorting the ashes of his dead father in a drugs binge. Someone please let me know that the prescription drugs … Continue reading

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