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Tech Support – don’t go for the obvious, it might be a waste

The week before last I had a hardware failure following a power outage and it turned out to be a major saga. My TV Digibox had effectively died and I was going to describe the pains I had to go … Continue reading

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How long does a backup take?

Acronis 2011 starts off estimating my first partition backup to require 49,710 days (every time I run it), followed a few seconds later by an estimate of 8 minutes. Not exactly scientific then …

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What minimum wage? (maybe the Victorian period)

Straight from an agency website: Graduate PHP Developer – Cheshire – Graduate, Junior, Trainee £15 – £18 per annum Cheshire

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Caught between a Contact US and an FAQ

After 24 hours trying to register for the ‘viamichelin’ site to upgrade a friend’s SAT-NAV (the catchall message was ‘there is a technical fault at this time, please try later’), I decided to call someone. Except there was no phone … Continue reading

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What a set of bankers!

As if we hadn’t had enough of bank rip-offs, this one is so absurd you probably won’t believe it, but it is nevertheless true. I recently noted a charge of £4.72 on my bank statement (where no charges have ever … Continue reading

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When systems go bad, you know they’ll only get worse.

First thing this morning I received another call from an automated system, this time to my home phone, not my mobile. I was impressed as I could see the originating number (yesterday’s was withheld), but my positive attitude was short … Continue reading

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No, let me take *you* through security

Declaration: I support all means necessary to reduce credit card fraud and identity theft. Rider: I get really cheesed off when companies launch ill thought out systems which waste my time and money. A couple of hours ago I received … Continue reading

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Down the (You)Tube

Is this the future of Saturday evenings?

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The Sky (box) might be the limit

So how long does it take to upgrade a satellite receiver/recorder? Well in my case the jury is still out as I am still working on it. Here’s how it is going so far: 1 ) take the drive out … Continue reading

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Thanks a trillian

I read a good review of Trillian Astra, the multi-ptotocol chat tool, so I downloaded it. During the registration I got this: “There is an error. Please correct the error below to continue”. “Could not access database”.

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