Cern Large Hadron Collider ready to go (but I’m not quite)

Now I know they have lots and lots of planet sized brains working on it, but after 20 years and 5 billion dollars will it spark up without side-effects?

On a tiny human scale, having taken about 18 months to resolve my first broadband problem, I was disheartened to begin another phase of degrading performance debugging.

I discovered the poor performance was not the wireless connectivity as I’d first thought. I ran some tests, which showed that the ADSL downstream rate (about 2mbps) was actually performing at about 1/8th of that speed. So here’s what happened next…

  • Go to room with phone connection (other side of the house).
  • Find the emergency USB modem.
  • Spend even more time locating the driver disk.
  • Install it on Vista notebook (I know, I should have known better).
  • Extract XP notebook from docking station perched on window sill under large printer and assorted heavy items.
  • Boot the XP notebook (takes an eternity).
  • Screen display occupies only about 20% of the LCD display panel (I just squint rather than sort it).
  • Insert CD into drive (discover the drive no longer works).
  • With great difficulty remove DVD drive from docking station (the one under the printer).
  • Remove RH battery from notebook to use DVD instead (further discover DVD only goes in LH slot).
  • Put battery back in RH and remove LH battery (machine then dies).
  • Swap batteries and reboot (second eternity).
  • Start to read from DVD drive (other battery dies).
  • Root around in the attic for notebook power supply.
  • Reboot (third eternity).
  • Install driver from DVD (wait for installshield…).
  • Spot the message: ‘The installshield kernel.exe could not be installed’.
  • Reboot (leave the room for a while).
  • Install driver, this time successfully (test is good at a ping response of 40-50ms).
  • Plug Vista notebook directly into the router (test is good at a ping response of 70-70ms).

So the culprit appears to be the very long cable which goes out of the new to the old office ….

  • Call BT and wait in a queue …
  • Get a quote to move external telephone line socket 20 metres (£166).
  • Fetch the drill (needs recharging).
  • Recover the ladders from back paddock under 2 feet of undergrowth and struggle to hoist it in place.
  • Drill two holes, one in each windowframe.
  • Promise to finish the job properly with cable clips and sealant (so leave the ladder in place).
  • Plug everything back in and yippee (150ms ping times).

(After a bad night’s sleep due to severe back pain from crawling under desks, lifting heavy ladders etc,I decided to leave the finishing off).

Today, we had a violent storm (just 24 hours before the CERN LHC boots up so that can’t be the cause). Out of my window I saw the yellow network cable doing a vigorous two meter pendulum, just before the ladder moved close to its tipping point.

I braved the storm and the ladder is now on the ground. Lord knows when I’ll get round to picking it up and fixing the cable in place.

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