Crash ‘n’ burn

In August 2009 as recounted in the podcast One Man and His Desk #6 I had a very nasty experience when using a USB SATA/IDE adapter having removed a drive from my main server for something of a ‘rejig’. The circuitry in the drive was fried in the process of plugging it into the adapter (albeit in a microscopic frying kind of way as I couldn’t really tell until it was examined subsequently by a specialist). It turned out that the adapter subsequently failed altogether for both IDE and SATA connections, so I recently bought another.

Last week a brand new external hard drive failed after just a few backups had been performed to it, so I played the telephone dispute game, wherein I pointed out that I couldn’t send the drive back as it contained gigabytes of company confidential code and data as well as website designs, code and data for scores of other clients. The technician kept trying to tell me that I just needed to take a copy of the drive and then wipe it, failing completely to see the simple irony (disk doesn’t power up – impossible to wipe). It would¬† have been child’s play to be clone if it was removed from its (bizzarely) sealed case.

I took a scalpel (of sorts) to the case and managed to extricate the drive. Having unpacked my new USB adapter kit I plugged it in ready to wipe the drive (and I was hoping to reuse it, after all an extra terrabyte of storage  is not to be sniffed at).

Fortunately I waited for the drive to spin up in anticipation (I was about to leave the room for a while), which was just as well as the drive went up in smoke – literally.

I’m beginning to lose faith in these cheap USB adapters

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  1. Ouch! Thankfully, you are OK. That could have been very bad indeed if you had left the room.

    It was great to see you on the 19th in chat!

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