Got a handle on it?

Many years ago (around 1990 I think) I had an idea of a universal identifier, which at the time I related to the Post Office, whereby one could retain the identifier for life and do smart things like redirect anything to wherever you might be. Envelopes would carry a name, the UID and optionally other qualifying information (as a check against mistyped IDs). Later on when the mobile phone was really catching on and 07000 numbers were being launched, I thought about it again (all too briefly).¬† Just yesterday our beloved Stephen Fry’s Tweet¬† “Damned clever. Might just catch on…” caused to virtually grind to a halt.

The site offers a modern twist on the UID premise in the form of a ‘handle’ for email and mobile (and maybe more to follow). They might need an infrastructure boost if it does take off.

Meanwhile, my handle is leecrampton …

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