Headache on the way to heaven

I’ve been reading (but not quite finished so I can’t give the ending away) ‘Dead Lines’ by Greg Bear, which is both horror and sci-fi. The techie bit is the ‘trans’ phone which utilises molecular technology but has unexpected side-effects.
I was reading it alone in the wee small hours on my own and for the first time in my life I felt spooked out by a book (well we do live in the middle of nowhere and it was dark, wet and windy).
Anyway I went to sleep with the intenet radio playing. Sometime during the night (whilst under the influence of medication) I had this dream which felt very real, where I was simply in limbo and apart from a pain in one side of my head I felt very relaxed. I was surrounded by a large choral work in the Greek or Russian orthodox traditional style. The music was all enveloping and I remember as part of the dream thinking that I must be about to rise heavenwards despite my atheism.

I slowly came out of my sleep to discover I had rolled onto one side with the earpiece pressed firmly into my ear as the BBC World programme began a Sunday religious broadcast.

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