I should have been at work

So there I am beavering away logged onto remote servers doing some important system updates.
Bear in mind my phone line is very noisy but the ADSL is working at this time and the engineer is not due for another 24 hours. BT assured me I would be notified by SMS or called before the work was due to start.
My line went completely dead and the router lost its connection. After ten minutes of wondering what was wrong I jumped in the car and drove to the exchange in the next village. I asked the engineer if he had anything to do with my line being disconnected. He explained that he was ‘having his dinner’ to which I replied, “I only want to know if you’ve disconnected me without calling up first”.
I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when he said “well I didn’t think to phone you because I thought you’d be at work”.
He went on to explain that he was going to call me later that day.

Come the revolution …

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