I’m a firestarter (not)

Talking of fire, I bought a job lot of firelighters from a supermarket (their own brand) and they are almost impossible to light!
They remind me of the tricks you get advertised in the kids’ comics (eg matches that don’t light).
These firelighters reek of petrol (or similar) so they smell like you’d need to stand well back when igniting, but I could light a fire quicker with old copies of the Readers’ Digest (I wonder where they go when the doctors and dentists have done with them?).

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  1. vince says:

    It’s probably due to the new elf and safety regs guv. I bought some scalpel blades recently that had clearly been blunted to stop me damaging myself. What I want to know is, how did they know it was us? I mean, it is perfectly safe to sell sharp things to normal people just not to me and clearly your not safe with flammable things (hence the label in your underpants).

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