I’m a Quaker – that’s about the size of it

Last night the cats had a minor altercation which resulted in one of them hiding under the bed. Feeling sorry for her I got her furry ‘hutch’ from the landing and put it on the chest at the end of the bed. Some time later there was a bit of a rumbling and what sounded like a silent cat fight – only louder thumping but with the bed shaking a bit and no cat meows. Once we realised that one cat was on the bed (asleep) and the other in the padded basket (asleep) we looked at each other with a growing sense of ‘the other world’, since we live in the hills with only woodland and the nearest house over the other side of a river, about 30-50 feet below the trees.

I got out my trusty wooden nightstick (a length of curtain pole) and moved as stealthily as a stealthy thing towards the bedroom door (quitely crapping myself). After what seemed like hours of silence I ventured slowly out onto the landing before gaining sufficient confidence to check other rooms and finally the attic.

We couldn’t fathom it out at all. Lydia’s theory was the wind and whilst we have had some severe gusts recently there was little in the way of weather. Eventually we put the lights out and went to sleep at about 1:30am.

I had set the radio alarm to go off an hour earlier (and forgotten about it) in the vain hope that I might get out of bed at a decent time, but with the late night and the strange episode I dozed through pretty much the whole hour’s transmission. I kept hearing about an earthquake (or did I dream it). When my tea arrived (yum – thanks Mrs wife) Lydia declared there had been an earthquake in England and that’s what we’d experienced in the early hours. Being me, I dismissed it as nonsense and thought I still might be in the dream sequence (the tea was very realistic). I told my imaginary wife of the dream that we couldn’t possibly be affected by an earthquake in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire – except that the BBC states that tremors were felt Cumbria as well as Wales and Ireland.

Best get Vince up here with his kit pretty sharpish to check out the local fault lines – and I’m not talking BT.

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2 Responses to I’m a Quaker – that’s about the size of it

  1. vince says:

    No need to get the kit out, it’s just the Alps giving us a friendly squeeze. Should be all quiet now for another 30 years.
    You have been watching too much Black Adder “moved as stealthily as a stealthy thing” indeed!

  2. lee says:

    I think I only ever saw one Black Adder set in the First World War and part of one about the first dictionary. Could be deep as subliminal as a subbliminal thing…

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