Internet vanity

Having looked in the ‘web mirror’ by googling myself (I was surprised I hadn’t done it before given the number of years I’ve been surgically attached to the net) I was amused to find on the second page of results this reference in Wikipedia, relating to the magazine .net :

Letters from magazine readers.. A Mail of the Month is chosen by the editorial staff that wins a £50 book voucher for books by technology publisher O’Reilly. [1] This section also includes Penny Forum which publishes a joke or surreal thread from the magazines forums.

The footnote reads:

This has been subject of controversy. In issue 154 (October 2006), a letter was published from Lee Crampton poining out that the image of a pile of O’reilly books used to advertise the prize could not actually be bought for £50. He said: It is akin to the car adverts that which say ‘only £6,995’ but the small text underneath states ‘model shown £10,995.

Following the letter (and from issue 154) .net now prints a disclaimer underneath the image noting: All these for £50? You must be joking! Books don’t grow on trees, you know.

I was also pleased with the coincidence that there is another guitarist called Lee Crampton of the band pilfa confession box though I’m not sure I’d share my namesake’s taste in music.

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