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So I mailed iStockphoto on May 26th telling them about the glut of emails they were sending me, each one informing me that I had a different number of days in which to use up my credits. I replied, in doing so raising a support ticket, but heard nothing. So after two weeks I added a one-liner to the ticket asking if there was any progress in resolving the (by now) expired credits.

Finally one month later I received this gem:

Just so you know for the future, when you comment on a ticket that has not yet been received by a member of our team, the ‘open’ date on the ticket is changed to the new date from the comment.  This also places your ticket into a different area of the system which is not monitored.  Please refrain from commenting on the ticket until you hear back from us to keep your place in line and receive faster service.

followed by:

Your 2 credits had actually expired back in December of 2007 as you were previously advised and you should not have received any notification.

I wasn’t advised and I didn’t receive any notification. Wouldn’t it have been the right thing to do to just reinstate the credits and apologise? Nah, far too easy.

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