It’s all in the small print

For those in any way involved with systems (especially with reference to the keywords ‘sysadmin’ and ‘documentation’) and/or standards, this may not win any awards as a Koan but can you fail to be intrigued by the opening:
“At 3:30 in the morning of January 10th, 2008, a shrill chirping woke up our system administrator, Michael Gorsuch, asleep at home in Brooklyn. It was a text message from Nagios, our network monitoring software, warning him that something was wrong.”

“He swung out of bed, accidentally knocking over (and waking up) the dog, sleeping soundly in her dog bed, who, angrily, staggered out to the hallway, peed on the floor, and then returned to bed. Meanwhile Michael logged onto his computer in the other room and discovered that one of the three data centers he runs, in downtown Manhattan, was unreachable from the Internet.”

Read the whole story at Joel on Software.

(and for those waiting for my report on the Dublin FogBugz presentation – it’s very much work in progress)

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