John Cage; non-intention in the afterlife

John Cage

As an ex-scholar of John Cage’s work I was pleased to discover a piece which I’d previously not heard of or read about called “As slow as possible” and dubbed ‘The slowest and longest piece of music in the world’. Quite an accurate epithet, since it will last 639 years.
Anyway, I’d made some notes about 6 months ago and mislaid the paper I’d written them on.
Last Monday evening when I was emptying a bag, the note fell out and I put it on my desk. Shortly afterwards I went to bed. I sleep with the radio on and if I am having a ‘bad night’ I switch to the BBC’s World Service rather than music.
At about 4:30am the very next day (could have been 4:33 ! – see ‘the silent piece’) I woke up and switched channels and precisely that moment an announcer introduced an article about John Cage and the piece. It included a short recording of one of the note changes (roughly one per year); a time of great interest by all accounts.

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