Lenny, Samba and the great big red herring

So after my debian etch to lenny upgrade which broke a whole host of things including ssh, cups, backuppc, X11 and samba, I set to fixing them up between tasks. It was going fine but in an effort to speed things up, I called on a couple of extra brains courtesy of http://tiger-computing.co.uk/ and nice folks on IRC at http://cniradio.com/ for suggestions.
The samba issue was the most puzzling since I could no longer get at all my shares from windows boxes. I could get to those which were immediately off the root, but not those which were two directories deep.
After forensic analysis of the config files and all directory perms I was out of ideas… until I had that moment of inspiration which went along the simple lines of “hang on there are windows machines involved here; how about rebooting them?”.
In future put the brains to one side and do the standard call centre help desk reboot trick. It often works.

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