Mr baggage man

Having just gone to download a piece of freeware called ‘set name to time’ which allows you to re-datestamp digital photos I was drawn to this explanation on the home page:

“Seth Name To Time is to for practical utility the possessors of to digital double bed. Able With this program you will be to to to renombrar your digital images comfortably, in format jpg or tiff, bas´┐Żndote in the information of metadatos EXIF presents/displays in all of them (practically all the models of digital doubles photos bed include this information in that take).”

I was reminded of a classic letter by Itu Hisuki (after leaving Tokyo airport), quoted by John Cage in his book ‘M’:

“Mr Baggage man American Airlines United States of Los Angeles Gentlemen dear Sir. I damn seldom where my suitcase are. She no fly. You no more fit to baggage master than for crysake that’s all I hope. What’s the matter you?”

Now before you chastise me, I should point out that I once wrote a Japanese Haiku poem using (Chinese/Japanese) ideograms and it took me a long time to craft. I introduced myself to a man in a supermarket who looked suitably Japanese and it turned out he was a post-graduate at Keele University. I asked him if he would mind looking over my poem and offering some pointers and comments. He said he would be delighted to and so I took down his address and posted a copy to him as soon as I got home.
A couple of weeks went by and I thought he’d forgotten about it, but eventually a letter arrived with two long pages expounding the inner workings of classical haiku poetry. Finally he turned his attention to my poem and wrote, “unfortunately it is complete nonsense”.

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