Pendrive or Paindrive?

I have some very neat things on my pendrives (or USB sticks as I prefer to call them), but with capacities getter bigger by the second or so it seems, there are potential disasters awaiting us all. Not so long ago that they were little more than a novelty due to the limited capacity and many places like libraries and Internet cafes wouldn’t allow them to be used. That has all changed now of course, as has the amount of imortant stuff we can cram onto a single device.
If we lose one does it have data on it that compromises the security or privacy of one or more individuals? Do we keep copies of the data on the pendrive in other places? But the real bugbear gets me going every time isn’t so much if it is in the hands of a would be criminal or hacker, or that I don’t have a backup.

It just drives me nuts when I move it from its usual (plugged in) place, return to my desk; can’t find it (but know I have it somewhere) and have to suspend all other acivities until I locate it (average time 20 minutes).

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