Perfect timing

My ekall travel phone account stipultates that a call must be made within a six month period otherwise credit will be suspended. Having just been to France I didn’t realise that the freephone access number for that country was not on the summary info card, so unable to use the service, I purchased a standard telephone box card with credits (but that required me to go to a town to purchase one).
When I returned home from the trip I logged in to ekall to look up the French number for use next time. It was then that I discovered my last call was made on 30th March this year, exactly six months ago to the day.
I made a quick call from my desk to refresh my six month activity period.

(Ekall is a low cost telephone service which allows you to make calls from any country using a pre-paid account, so is very useful when in hotels etc, where you can bypass the high charges by using the ekall freephone numbers to access your account and make calls).

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