Petrol Roulette

You’d think after six years living in the middle of nowhere that the ‘low fuel’ lessons would have all been learned by now. Today we went to Barnard Castle to meet friends, having set off with little or no petrol but were wise enough on the first count to get some en-route.
The wisdom ran out when we only put £10-worth in as we then went on from ‘Barnie’ for a further 45 minutes driving, stopping by at our friends’ holiday cottage for an evening drink.

Petrol stations which are off the motorway or major trunk roads in this neck of the woods close at 7pm. I noted on the way down that the large service station at Scotch Corner appeared to be ‘blacked out’, so decided not to go back that way but to go ‘cross country’ instead.

After about 20 minutes we realised the blunder (well the blunder was placed firmly at my door to be exact) and the drive continued at a very measured pace. Realising that there were no petrol stations open anywhere between our position and home we placed our faith in not running out too soon before using the emergency gallon in the boot.

At Garsdale head (a pretty remote location at the best of times, very dark and cold this time of year) the gallon can was emptied into the tank.

The journey lasted an hour and a half all told and we just made it. The question is, will we run out of petrol before completing the 8 miles to the nearest station in the morning?

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