RTFM, phone a friend (and then go mad)

So the latest batch of power spikes took out my SmartView KVM (allows 4 computers to be controlled through one screen, mouse and keyboard). It is really essential to the way I work.
The small LED panel was dead. I tested the power supply and it was ok. My assumption was that something internal had blown.
I had the kind offer of a postal replacement from Rob but it is a USB box with no power supply and requires different cables. Late last night I called Dave who also made a kind offer of a loan of an identical box. He asked me if I’d tried unplugging all the cables (4 monitors, 4 keyboards, 4 mice, one each of master monitor keyboard and mouse).
I said I hadn’t tried that but was sure I’d read it in the manual (24 pages!) but didn’t believe it would work as the display looked dead.

This morning I decided to go for the ‘off-chance’ and unplugged everything. It works! (but that instruction has disappeared from the manual overnight).

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