Software upgrade hell

I have a pretty well arranged home office network which includes, Ubuntu dual screen, Debian workstation, Debian server, Windows XP Pro (2), Windows Media Center, VMware for the hell of it and some older boxes with Windows 2000, NT4 and even a 98SE. So a potential headache when things don’t quite work out, for example the NT4 box hasn’t been turned on for a fair while (I only use it for VB6, VSS and Visual Studio for some legacy projects).

I need the NT4 box, so powered it up. The 33 security updates plus a raft of ‘other enhancements’ was looking good until about number 29 when the the blue screen of death put that one out of action for a while.

My trusty main notebook which spends most of its life in the docking station is bang up to date with Windows auto-updates, anti-virus updates hourly, software firewall (as well as the router firewall) etc.

It has six years worth of emails and all the other gubbins within Outlook (the one piece of software I stopped at 2002 because it syncs beautifully with my PDA and mobile phone) and I have Norton Ghost and Acronis independent backups of that machine.

It was during the upgrade from Ghost 9 to 10 that I had a crash followed by the inability to backup. Getting rid of NG was a pain in the backside to put it mildly. Eventually I regressed, backed up all partitions and installed a larger disk before restoring.

A few weeks ago on another box I went through the nightmare of moving from Norton Internet Security 2006 to 2007 (I don’t even want to talk about that one any more).

And so to this week when I upgraded Acronis TrueImage 9 to 10 (smoothly). I have spent several hours over the last three days trying to schedule a backup of Outlook (the other backup options seem fine).

The permutations I have tried are numerous and I have kept a record of them, so I am waiting patiently now for a response from the software tech guys to explain the ‘dodgy dlls’, the incomprehensible error messages and a whole host of other infuriating banalities… Watch this space

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