Space Station computer crash

The computer malfunction on the space station is proving to be a difficult problem to crack.

So far, engineers have not been able to pinpoint the specific cause of the computer malfunction, which shut down the rocket-steering system”  (BBC)

The solution seems obvious. A couple of calls to PC World’s support team “The Tech Guys” should sort it. I’m not sure what the premium rate charges to/from a space orbit would come to, but they would be literally astronomical.

Automated Support: “… press 2 for broadband, … press 0 for outer space… Your call is important to us (back to music loop on hold)… For the latest information on rocket steering systems visit our website at …”

Operator: “Hello technical support, can I take the first line of your address and postcode please?”
Astronaut: “Geostationary orbit, ISS”
Operator: “How do you spell that please, I can’t find it on our systems?”
Astronaut: “Can we just cut to the chase please, you don’t need the address”
Operator: “Ok, the next question on my monkey sheet is … Could you tell me what version of Windows Operating System you are using?”
Astronaut: “NASA doesn’t use Microsoft products in its spacecraft”
Operator: “I’ll just put you on hold…”

Continuous tone.

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