Synchronised Kettle Boiling (topical – see Olympics)

Another astounding (and very worrying) focus of “Britain from above” was the chap sitting at a console waiting for “Eastenders” to finish so that he could manage the electricity surge (and high demand) placed on the national grid by us all going to switch the kettle on.

What was most scary was that he had to flick switches to trigger dams in order to dynamically create more energy. Then, when things got tricky he was able to flick another switch to call upon the French for some of their surplus (they don’t watch Eastenders apparently). He even had to get on the phone when it looked to be going a bit pear shaped. Thank goodness the telephone lines were still powered.

Talk about a ‘single point of failure’.

Oh and as an AGA user I don’t contrbute to that potential problem – I just burn very expensive oil instead 😉

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