The answer to one of my prayers has come in the form of for Outlook. This is truly beauty in the making. Version 1 requires folder sharing software which can be obtained (free) from (a great piece of code in its own right). Version 2 will not require additional software.

So what does it do you might ask? You may not be an Outlook supporter (and if you are not, please tell me what the better alternatives might be) but the point is that I am and have been for some time. It is the mothership of my digital life and I have it synchronised with my PDA and mobile phone. A change on any one device is reflected on the other two – nice 🙂

I switched from Lotus Organiser (which I loved) about six years ago when the support for mobile devices went up in smoke. When I change my mobile phone each year I simply ask for any newer model which syncs with Outlook.
So with the arrival of a new notebook and the headache of what to install and store where, I have struggled to find the easiest migration path, especially as the new notebook is soon to have its Vista upgrade. My old trusty steed notebook has everything on it including megs and megs of Outlook data which I want to keep in shiny sync.

I installed Outlook on the new notebook, (after foldershare) on both notebooks and knock me down with a feather… everything sync-ed. Two thirty a.m. and I even took the trouble to use my PDA and watch the notes go to both machines. I handled mail on one and it was instantly reflected in the other.

That…. is the magic of software at its best. And the ‘out of office hours’ glass of wine is nice too.

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