The Sky (box) might be the limit

So how long does it take to upgrade a satellite receiver/recorder?

Well in my case the jury is still out as I am still working on it. Here’s how it is going so far:

1 ) take the drive out
– allow at least an hour and two people to fathom it out – quite the most complex housing I have seen
2 ) put aside 24 hours to take an image of the disk (if you don’t prepare correctly)
– should have been about 6 hours but ran out of space
3 ) 6 hours to image to a new drive
4 ) 1 hour to take the drive back out, clean up the cross linked clusters and resize the partition
5 )  7 hours to take the drive back out again and re-image because it doesn’t work having been cleaned up
6 ) another 6 hours to re-image the drive (having checked max FAT32 size)
7 ) plug it all back in and find it doesn’t work, so resort to a factory reset
8 ) come to the realisation that it isn’t going to work with a standard 400mb hard drive

Now all I have to do is put the thing back together again and make sure it still works before calling in the white coated men.

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  1. Lee Crampton says:

    Well if you were listening to CNI Radio, you’ll know by now that I finally got it working. (listen agin to omahd#9).

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