Top notch support – unusual solution

A friend of mine recently purchased a new notebook pc from a well known PC retail chain.
A week or two after,
wanting to make a DVD recovery disc before upgrading to Windows Vasta [sic], my friend got a little confused with the procedure descibed, and after waiting 20 Minutes whilst the trainee phone support guy went to find out the necessary steps to take, he was getting a little cheesed off.
Now this friend of mine has a poor memory and had forgotten that the factory boot up not only installs XP mediocre centre, but it takes the user through the building of a recoverr DVD also, which my friend had put in a very safe place.
The guy came back on the line with the simple instructions, but an error occurred stating that a DVD had already been made (and only one was allowed for each machime to prevent piracy).
His solutions were, to give my friend a brand new machine (can you believe that!?), except they only had one in stock, the X55P model.
The P model cost £50 more because has a pink lid. “Can’t you just send me a recovery DvD?” my friend asked, “or pay me £50 and I’ll take it off your hands plnk lid and all?”
PC tech guy’s next big idea was to create a DVD from the last (display) model and send it in the post. My friend agreed and said, “call me back when you’ve made it as you’ll need an address”.
The guy never called back, but in the meantime my friend found the one he’d forgotten all about.
I won’t, er my friend won’t make that mistake again.

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