Voodoo Week

The number of things that have gone wrong across a range of machines this week is unbelieveable. To top it all, having had to uninstall, reinstall, download, patch and hack almost every day, I thought I’d seen the end of my woes.

It turns out that the Netgear NAS (avoid the proprietary file system like the proverbial plague) was the cause of the corrupted network (unidentifiable device). I know this to be the case, because shortly after recovering, the reinstall of the NAS drivers screwed the network up again.

Anyway, I did a bit more housekeeping including a bit of partition management with Acronis and decided to replace the grub loader with Acronis (since I no longer need to dual boot linux/windows on this particular box). All was fine until a couple of reboots ago when the loader disappeared and I was informed that the disk was not bootable. I was able to press a key and continue though. Mysterious indeed!

Next up was to fix the error on boot so today I repaired the acronis boot loader and was pleased to see the message informing me of my success (I was beginning to feel like I’d won a set of prizes at the fair).

I rebooted and the acronis loader started with the elipsis …

And there it sat until finally I was presented with the choice of escape or F6, neither of which worked. I rebooted and pressed F12 before pressing enter to load from a windows CD for recovery console. Once I had a menu available to keyboard ignored all input. Toggling the function button showed up on the wireless station, so the keyboard was working ok (and of course I’d used it to get to load from CD).

So I sat for a while before a sideways thought materialised. I changed the batteries in the keyboard, and guess what?

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